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Horoscope for 2014: Dragon

Chinese Zodiac sign of Dragon

Gas up the car – It's a travel year

It's time you got out of your old routine and started to investigate the world. Whether you just try a new restaurant or circle the globe any sort of change in your life will bring big benefits. The people you meet will bring you joy.

The warning is to not overextend =yourself just for the sake of travel. Keep yourself on budget and =consider that a trip to the next town can be just as informative as a trip to another country. Hang a large map in your study or home office and visualize places you want to see.

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What's happening for Dragon now!

Rena is a Dragon and proud of it. She's strong, smart and works hard even though the long hours take much time away from her family whom she loves dearly. This year she's decided that her family needs to take priority so she wants to transfer into a less stressful department at work. Because she's so talented and effective at her job her boss is less than pleased at her decision. He knows she'll be hard to replace. Rena would really like her boss' help and support for this transfer so she checked in with me to see what could be done.

It's still 2013 so we're working with Snake energy. In my book, Chinese Astrology 2013 Year of the Water Snake, I talked about using beeswax candles to bring in opportunities related to career. But these candles can do more than that. Because their made of beeswax they have the energy of a hive of bees. This energy is about community and one person helping another. Rena found a beeswax candle at her local farmer's market. There was a man selling honey from his own beehives and he had a selection of beeswax candles too. Rena bought a taper. This tall, elegant candle was the color of honey gold and smelled sweet.

Rena brought the candle home. I had her lay the candle on it's side with top of the candle pointing to the left. And on the candle she wrote her bosses name using a pencil and carving into the wax. When she stood the candle upright and placed it into the holder his name was written down the side (like the title on the spine of a book).

Rena then waited until Sunday evening, the day before she goes back into work. She placed the candle on her fireplace mantle and lit it. She allowed it to burn for an hour or so while she and her family had the evening meal. When the meal was done she extinguished the candle, she will light it again on Monday night. It took a few days but by Wednesday the boss seemed like a different person. He approached her and said that he spoke to the head of the other department. He said glowing things about Rena and how the other department will be so lucky t have her. Rena is relieved. She knows her transition into the new department will now go smoothly and she will remain on good terms with her previous department for the future.

Readings with Donna

Imagine this: you've been moving through life just fine, handling everything that comes your way, and then BANG! Trouble comes, with a capital "T".

  • Is there conflict in your relationship? A breakup? Have you been disappointed? Has there been loss?
  • Frustrated with the dating scene?
  • Arguments with your child due to their bad behavior? Are you frustrated and unhappy with how do they treat you?
  • Are you Starting/Growing your business? What's blocking you and keeping you from success?
  • Can't find the right job? Are you disappointed with your options at work?
  • Passed over for a promotion?
  • Are your investments losing money? When should you buy? When is it time to sell?
  • Unhappy with your home? Trouble selling? Need to move?
  • Need more money? Want to grow your wealth or status? Want more from your life?

Trouble is at your doorstep. And now you need to know what's ahead. You want to do the right thing, you want to know if the timing is right, you want to know what others are doing and how it's going to affect your plans. You want to make sure you're doing the best thing for you and your family. I can help you.

For more than 20 years I have been helping people find answers. As an Astrologer, I can see how The planets, signs and houses all come together to reveal the best way for you to have what you want. You've worked hard. You've had your share of struggles. Now you deserve to get the help you need to clear away those obstacles, to bring ease and comfort back into your life. You deserve...

  • Having a truly harmonious relationship
  • Finding the love of your life, a really compatible person that is a source of happiness
  • Having a really close relationship with your son, daughter and other family members
  • Knowledge on how to expand your business into new markets and get new market share
  • To easily find a new job or even a new career
  • Having the promotion and recognition you deserve
  • Knowing when to buy, when to sell and when to hold your investments
  • Discovering the best places to live in the world, in your country or in your city
  • To finally remove the blocks to wealth and abundance and actually really enjoy your life

I give you steps to help you keep what you want to keep and to attract the opportunities you want. You deserve to know what your Astrological chart can reveal. We'll focus on you and what you want to talk about to help you achieve your goals. Let me know if you want a private Astrology consultation.


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