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Horoscope for 2014: Tiger

It's party time – It's a celebration year

This is a year to be your spontaneous self. There are adventures awaiting you as you jump into opportunities that come up. The people you meet this year will want to party with you. And when the party ends there will be plans for the next one.

The warning is to continue to take care of yourself while the party goes on. Eat right and wear a jacket if it's cold out. You can be practical and still have a great time. And declutter your bedroom if you want to have some fun there.

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What's happening for Tiger now?

Katerina is born in the Year of the Tiger and there has been so many changes in her life this last year. She and her husband moved to a new city where they didn't know anyone. And while the new house is beautiful and the place is welcoming it's been a lot of work to make new friends. "It's so time consuming just to get settled", she said, "now that I have things unpacked I want to start inviting people over and start making some friends."

For Katerina I suggested that she modify one of the suggestions I had made in my book, Chinese Astrology 2013 Year of the Water Snake. I had suggested that for love you give someone a Lotus flower because the Lotus flower represents an energy of the pure heart. Because Katerina wants to meet some true friends I suggested she hang a picture of a Lotus flower in her living room. This will attract the energy of real friendships and of people who want to support her.

Katerina went to a website that sells art (like and browsed through the pictures. I told her that the different flower colors have different meanings and therefore attract different energy. The blue Lotus flowers will attract loyal, steady friends. The pink will attract friends who are fun but who will wait for you to initiate the invitations. The purple flowers will attract people who look up to you and who need your help. And the white Lotus flower attracts people who are honest and true. Katerina chose a painting of a white Lotus blossom rising up out of a blue pond. “At my first get together half of the guests commented on how beautiful they thought the picture was.”, she said, “I have a feeling those will be the people who become really close friends.”


Readings with Donna

Imagine this: you've been moving through life just fine, handling everything that comes your way, and then BANG! Trouble comes, with a capital "T".

  • Is there conflict in your relationship? A breakup? Have you been disappointed? Has there been loss?
  • Frustrated with the dating scene?
  • Arguments with your child due to their bad behavior? Are you frustrated and unhappy with how do they treat you?
  • Are you Starting/Growing your business? What's blocking you and keeping you from success?
  • Can't find the right job? Are you disappointed with your options at work?
  • Passed over for a promotion?
  • Are your investments losing money? When should you buy? When is it time to sell?
  • Unhappy with your home? Trouble selling? Need to move?
  • Need more money? Want to grow your wealth or status? Want more from your life?

Trouble is at your doorstep. And now you need to know what's ahead. You want to do the right thing, you want to know if the timing is right, you want to know what others are doing and how it's going to affect your plans. You want to make sure you're doing the best thing for you and your family. I can help you.

For more than 20 years I have been helping people find answers. As an Astrologer, I can see how The planets, signs and houses all come together to reveal the best way for you to have what you want. You've worked hard. You've had your share of struggles. Now you deserve to get the help you need to clear away those obstacles, to bring ease and comfort back into your life. You deserve...

  • Having a truly harmonious relationship
  • Finding the love of your life, a really compatible person that is a source of happiness
  • Having a really close relationship with your son, daughter and other family members
  • Knowledge on how to expand your business into new markets and get new market share
  • To easily find a new job or even a new career
  • Having the promotion and recognition you deserve
  • Knowing when to buy, when to sell and when to hold your investments
  • Discovering the best places to live in the world, in your country or in your city
  • To finally remove the blocks to wealth and abundance and actually really enjoy your life

I give you steps to help you keep what you want to keep and to attract the opportunities you want. You deserve to know what your Astrological chart can reveal. We'll focus on you and what you want to talk about to help you achieve your goals. Let me know if you want a private Astrology consultation.